Friday, May 28, 2010

A Day on the Lake!!!

Jason's parents have a boat and we get to go boating at LEAST once a week!! We love it!! So we went for a late ride so the water would be smooth when we went wakeboarding! After wakeboarding we ate at this fun resturant on the lake called Carlos and Charleys,we parked our boat righ outside on the dock and ate then went on a lil nice night cruise!
Me about to wakeboard! Jason is my coach and he loves giving me tips! Plus I NEED tips!!

Me trying to wakeboard!

J Bro

J bird again!

Dinner on the lake!

Late Night Cruise!


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dinner and Games!!!

For Nina's 31st birthday she wanted a bunch of us couples to go to dinner and play Minute to Win games afterwards at her house. She chose this GREAT Itilian resturant called Buca di Beppo and we had our own little room and the birthday girl gets to sit in her personal pope chair thingy. In our pictures at the resturant your probably wondering why there are picture of pope's in the background, but the resturant's theme was like catholic popes or something! But anyway, afterward we played tons of Minute to Win it games! It was a blast.. check out the pictures!
                                                                       Buca di Beppo!!

In order to get to our table we go through the kitchen! It's so cool!

This table in the kitchen is cool cuz you can eat and watch them cook!

Jason's sister and her husband Cole

Nina in her birthday chair. The middle table spins with bread and food!

Nina and us!

My handsome husband! Pope's everywhere! ahhh

The girls at dinner

The guys!

Our BIG pasta we shared!! Sooo good!!!

My camerea died half way through, so here is what I could take!

Dizzy Mummy! I had 60seconds to spin in circles to unwind the toilet paper!

I finished my mission in 60 seconds! That's Marlo and her husband Jordan in the background!

 HANKY PANKY - Using only one hand, the competitor must pull tissues out of a tissue box one at a time until the box is empty. Jason did it!!!
JUNK IN THE TRUNK - A belt with an empty tissue box is attached around the competitor's waist and positioned against the contestant's back with the hole facing outwards. Ping-pong balls are placed inside the tissue box and the competitor must jump and wiggle to shake the balls out of the box without letting his hands touch the ground. All balls must be out of the box to complete the challenge. Jordan was sooo funny!!!

Brandilyn Ferguson doing the Junk in the Trunk!!

Face the cookie!! The cookie sits on your forehead and you have 60 seconds to work it down your face in
your mouth! You had to get 3 in there in 60 seconds! This is Jason's sister April!

Brandilyn doing Face the cookie!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fun Time in Texas!!

So, Jason and I made it to Texas!! Whoo! Jason is working with his dad running his business and I am working with my brother in-law til I start personal training! I take the big test next month and start training!! We are having a blast playing sports with the family everyday!! We have really enjoyed couples tennis and it's sooo fun!! It gets soo competitive and it's great competition so we love it, in fact, we stay up to 11pm just playing!! Here are some fun pictures!

Jason and our nephew Tanner

Sister in-law with her cute daughter Brinley on the canoe!
She hated that life jacket!

Jason's brother Dominic with his wife and daughter and dog
Jason, Tanner and me!!

Pretty view of downtown Austin

Dom, Nina, Brinely and Bostco!!

Brinley was soo tired and hot being in that life jacket that she just
cuddled next to her aunty Breenanner!!

Jason's sister April and her husband Cole!

Jason holding boo boo while we wait our turn to play

Brinley and me!

Getting ready for a serve!! haha

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Jason and I graduated from Dixie State College Friday May, 7, 2010!! Jason graduated in Communications and I graduated in Psychology and Communications!! We are happy to be done! We moved to Austin, Texas two days after graduation!! Here are some graduation pictures and some Zion National Park pictures we took when his parents came in town!!
Jason's best friend CJ since the age of 5

My handsome husband!!

Some great soccer friends!!

Jason's parents

Jason and CJ


Jason and his older brother Dominic!!