Monday, October 11, 2010

Vegas/Utah trip

My good friend from college whom I played soccer with at Dixie State got married Saturday the 9th!! So all summer I have been planning on flying out to Utah and attend this special occasion and see all my old soccer and college buddies. Note: I HATE to fly and I get pretty nervous with just the thought of flying 30,000 feet in the air, but I conquered my fear and flew to Vegas where my sister Heather and her husband  and little boy Parker live and visited them for 4 days then headed down to Utah for the wedding reception!

Heather's dog Daisy always seems to sneak her lil rat tail in every picture. haha

Parker kept wearing my hat "Mike's Tree Service"

Heather's other dog lucy. Lucy and Parker are best friends! They would BOTH
come and wake me up EVERY morning! Parker told me the moon is gone and the sun
is up and it's time to wake up. He is so cute!

I gave P a Texas bag and he loved it and used it for soccer

P and his cousin Cooper playing soccer

Okay, so this picture is funny because he wanted me to read him a story, so I did, but then I realized
"eww I fit in his bed" his bed is like 3 feet long! hahah! He will be taller me in like a year probably!

After Parker's school, Heather brought Warren lunch like a good wife and Parker was showing him
his folder and his work he did that day! So cute!!

Baseball with P

Suzy's wedding reception

my best friend Nicolette Trickey. We all just call her Trick or Trickey.

Jason's Surprise

So I got a new job the other day at the bank! I am also in the process of getting certified to teach up to 6th grade. I only have one more month until I am certified! Whoo!! But anyway, Jason decided to take me out on a surprise date to our favorite resturant "Chuys" and he gave me 3 new shirts for work slash just to have! I was so surprised and grateful to have such an amazing husband!! I am truly blessed to have such a happy, positive, giving, loving, spiritual,  and hard working husband!!

With all these gifts I got a sweet note as well. This is one of the many sweet gestures Jason has done!