Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Soccer champs!!!

Every Monday night I play on an in-door soccer league that a guy from the ward invited me on and last night was our final game to win it for our league and we did it!! 6 to 3 was the final score and the next season starts in two more weeks so hopefully we can win it again too!

Monday, September 20, 2010


Ever since the first month of our marriage Jason and I have been planning on going to the BYU vs FSU football game in Tallahassee, Florida where I was born and raised! So, the time finally came and we ended up inviting Jason's brother and sister and their spouses!! We went to Destin Beach for two days which is the number 1 beach in America and then drove down to Tallahassee and watched the FSU football game! We had a BLAST.. the 12 hour drive there and back was so pretty and so FUN!!
Jason's brother to the left Dominic and brother in-law right Cole
at Destin, Florida

We forgot to take a picture of Florida's oops!
But this is Jason's brother Dominic and his wife Nina

Me and Nina in the back seat for 12 hours and it was freezing!!

My sister in-laws

Destin, Florida

Jason and his brother Dominic
The coolest grandma EVER!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Texas vs Wyoming game!!

We parked in this parking lot and got on a shuttle that took us to the stadium


I made it in the whole first try and won a bottle of BBQ sauce!

both me and Jason made it and won Texas backpacks!

After this picture I won another contest and won 10 bucks to Academy sport store

Jason and his dad getting diet cokes at the concession stand

Jason throwing the football to win his backpack

Jason's dad about to throw the football

Hook em horns

Co-ed Softball!!!!

Jason and I LOVE playing sports and I play on a co-ed soccer league and Jason plays on a flag football team and mens softball league and we BOTH play on the same co-ed softball team and it's sooo fun!! We are the "green machines". Here are some pictures of us and the team!
Jason coming to support me at my indoor soccer game!
This is us right before my game!

The Green Machines

Jason up to bat!

Jason on third, Cole in short stop and Bree outfield

Sister in law April

Me up to bat

Jason on second base