Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jason's Dream at Texas Stadium!!

Jason and I went downtown to the Texas longhorn stadium to show Taylor around and Jason's old high school buddy who plays for the Texas football team was walking by and he plays safety and his name is Blake Giddeon. So Blake was kind enough to show us ALL around the locker room and film rooms and even the coach's Mac Brown's office!!!  They said VERY FEW get to do this tour and NO ONE goes in the Mac's office! Jason and I were on cloud 9.
Blake Giddeon, who showed us around!

The football team's lounge

More of the lounge!!

The second biggest screen in the US

The football players touch these horns before they go out and play

Marcus Tubbs on the right retired from the NFL he showed us around too!

Voted best weight room in the country! That is what Marcus said!
This is wear the players run their 40 yard dash

More of the weight room

Inside the locker room

Locker room!

I am sitting in Colt Mcoy's locker and I held his under armor briefs that were
behind me and you can't see.

The new quarter back Garrett Gilbert locker. They say he is going to be the
best quarterback in the league.


Lil brother in Texas for a week!

My lil brother Taylor came to Texas for a week from Florida. Here are some pictures of what we did!

We all just got done wrestling after Sunday dinner!

On the boat with Taylor

Jason is showing Taylor the speakers on the boat

Taylor's first time wakeboarding

Jason and Taylor jumping off a cliff


my mother in-law and me at Schiltterbahn!!

Taylor @ the biggest water park in the world!

Frisbe Golf!!

Ice cream man came by the house!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Party with the Hair!!

So, my mother in law and I were bored and decided to change my hair color! It has been a 2 day process because yesterday she forgot an important ingredient that didn't change my hair color, so tonight was part two!! hahah we had a blast!!
Step 1... I am a lil nervous

Scary!! ahhh

Does she know what she is doing? haha

Step 2!!!!

Final product!! Well done Sheila!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day!!!

All of us Brosies went out to Lake Travis from 8am to 8pm!! It was a blast! For lunch we stopped at this SWEET resort on the lake and went swimming and ate lunch there then we back to wakeboarding!! Here are some pictures!!




Jason sister Apirl!

Our sister in-law Nina!


Brynlee at Lunch!!

Cole and April at the pool at the resort! The lake is behind us!!

Me and Jason going down the SWEET slide!! SOOO FAST!!

The slide part 2