Sunday, April 17, 2011

The weekend!!

We love Texas weather so much!!! Jason and I love being outside and enjoying the sun!!

feeding the ducks . mother in-law and sister in-law

me and jason before boating

uncle jason and tanner

the family. ps.. we did not plan on wearing
the same hats.

cole, dominic and jason

Jason before hog hunting

Cole, bryan, jason and dominic about to go hog hunting

The boys!!

April's Baby Shower

My sister in-law April is having a girl in May and I am so excited for her! Her little baby girl is Blakely Denton! My sister Heather is having a girl too name Taylor and it stinks because she lives in Vegas and so I can't see her or her little girl until her blessing in July. But anway, here are some pictures of April's baby shower.

really cute cupcake that
Sandi Ferguson made

Blakely Denton

Nina and April. Nina made April a clothes line for Blakely

April and Brandilyn