Sunday, June 5, 2011


The boys at Brynlee's 2nd birthday

Jason's Football Academy
Jason helps coach football on the side and does private lessons for skilled

These are 5 Texas players that came to the Academy to watch and
talk to the kids.
Alex Okafor, Garret Gilbert, Fozzy Whittaker, Case Mcoy, Blake Giddeon

Jason and Case McCoy

Jason was stretching the boys out


Sunday, April 17, 2011

The weekend!!

We love Texas weather so much!!! Jason and I love being outside and enjoying the sun!!

feeding the ducks . mother in-law and sister in-law

me and jason before boating

uncle jason and tanner

the family. ps.. we did not plan on wearing
the same hats.

cole, dominic and jason

Jason before hog hunting

Cole, bryan, jason and dominic about to go hog hunting

The boys!!

April's Baby Shower

My sister in-law April is having a girl in May and I am so excited for her! Her little baby girl is Blakely Denton! My sister Heather is having a girl too name Taylor and it stinks because she lives in Vegas and so I can't see her or her little girl until her blessing in July. But anway, here are some pictures of April's baby shower.

really cute cupcake that
Sandi Ferguson made

Blakely Denton

Nina and April. Nina made April a clothes line for Blakely

April and Brandilyn


Thursday, February 17, 2011


Helping my in-laws paint their house. Don't worry it's just
primer I am using here!

One of Jason's best friend Zack and his girlfriend Kim
at the local hockey game.

Eating at our favorite restaurant Chuys

Snow in Austin, Texas

It snowed in Texas and the next day it freaking was hot and I had to use my AC in my car! Here are a few pictures of the snow!


Brynlee and Bostco

Jason and Brynlee

Christmas 2010

Jason and I stayed in Texas this year for Christmas. We had a blast and we can't wait for next Christmas, we will be in Florida with my family!!

Jason wrapping a present! He is so much better then me!

Christmas eve at the Hollingsworth's house with the Brosie's

Me and my mother in-law

Jason was one of the wisemen

Jason and I won these gifts at the white elephant party.

Our nephew Tanner and his dog Bostco. Jason was taking
Bostco for a roller-blade walk!!

Jason's best friend since Kindergarden Paul Thompson came
back in town and we went and bbq with them! Paul played
Oklahoma football and was there starting quarterback for four years!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Beautiful Sunday/ Thanksgiving

Today was such a beautiful day that after church Jason and I decided to go rollerblading!! Also, I am putting up some Thanksgiving pictures. Jason and I played in the ward Turkey Bowl, but I forgot my camera! We played two games and we won both and Jason threw me 3 touchdown passes! hahah we love our sports!!!


Grandma Brosie

This is the casserole I made.Taste better then it looks!

Little Brynlee!!! It was FREEZING and Brynlee kept wanting to jump while not
wearing a jacket!

Dominic cutting the turkey

Cole and April cutting the ham!
 Coolest mother in-law ever (Sheila) and Jason!