Sunday, December 5, 2010

Beautiful Sunday/ Thanksgiving

Today was such a beautiful day that after church Jason and I decided to go rollerblading!! Also, I am putting up some Thanksgiving pictures. Jason and I played in the ward Turkey Bowl, but I forgot my camera! We played two games and we won both and Jason threw me 3 touchdown passes! hahah we love our sports!!!


Grandma Brosie

This is the casserole I made.Taste better then it looks!

Little Brynlee!!! It was FREEZING and Brynlee kept wanting to jump while not
wearing a jacket!

Dominic cutting the turkey

Cole and April cutting the ham!
 Coolest mother in-law ever (Sheila) and Jason!

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  1. Your casserole looks delicious! And i like the pics with Jason and the oven mitt. haha! Glad u had a fun Thanksgiving, sure missed you!